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About us

We are a family owned company that's creating a variety of products that will help us in our everyday lives. Our starting product is our Nek Vesta, it is a new product that you can wear year round, it is the flagship of our company that we produce ourselves.

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family Owned and operated


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My name is Tena Smith and I've created a company that cares about our everyday lives and how we can make them better.


My daughter is head of production and my father is head of  R&D, together as a family we are forging a way to the future with new products. 


We've had many struggles and encountered many things but the one thing that stays true... As time goes on we need new and innovative products that help to make our lives a little easier. 

We are working on a list of products to help with that and we hope you can enjoy them for a long time. 


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Our goal is to utilize our R&D Team to create products to obtain as many trademarks, patents and copyrights for products that can be used in our everyday lives. We intend to keep the company growing with the use of our online store. We welcome associates to make use of our Latest News section on our home page and to help us get the word out about our products as well.

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